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Ethics-lab is celebrating its fifth anniversary! 

By organizing a conference bringing practical philosophers together in Yaoundé, Cameroon! But in order to celebrate this milestone and to make sure EthicsLab can continue its mission, we need your support.

About Ethics Lab

EthicsLab is the first ethics center in sub-Saharan Africa, and launched in March of 2019 with an international conference featuring scholars from across the African continent and the global academic community. Part of its larger mission is to amplify the African perspective on global and regional challenges, and to build connections between African scholars and scholars from other regions of the world. EthicsLab offers scholarships to young African philosophers, organizes academic conferences, and organizes debates on challenges facing Africa. It also organizes a summer school, the Yaoundé Seminar, which has become an international institution.

About the conference

The 5 Year Anniversary Conference will take place in June of 2024, and our aim is to once again bring together a large group of scholars from Africa and the rest of the world. The conference aims to provide an opportunity for academics from all over the world to engage with many of the talented scholars from across the African continent, and vice versa. In our view, there is far too little interaction of this kind, and the conference represents one way in which EthicsLab is aiming to facilitate more of it. The launch conference in 2019 began this effort, and was a major success.

We need your help with two things.

First, to cover the basic costs of the conference. We're organizing the conference in such a way that the costs of travel and participation for participants from the African continent (often without research budgets) will be covered.

Second, we're trying to raise as much money as possible to make sure EthicsLab can continue to operate its fellowships, academic conferences and outreach activities. This fundraising is part of a larger effort to make EthicsLab sustainable.

In short, your contribution both supports and amplifies the work of African philosophers, and strengthens an important African institution.

Thanks you for support for EthicsLab!

Organising committee

  • Thierry Ngosso, director Ethics Lab
    (UCAC Yaoundé, Cameroon; University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)
  • Mpho Thsivhase (University of Pretoria, South Africa)
  • Brian Berkey (University of Pennsylvania, United States)
  • Tim Meijers (Leiden University, Netherlands)

Should you have any questions about EthicsLab or the conference, get in touch with Thierry Ngosso. (

Why LUF? EthicsLab has strong bonds with philosophers in Leiden, who also share its mission to make philosophy more global. EthicsLab is grateful that the Leiden University Foundation has agreed to host this crowdfunding campaign, in line with their earlier financial and crowd-funding support of the Yaoundé Summer School (2017) and their support for the Global global justice fellowships (in cooperation with Gratema Foundation) offering research fellowships at Leiden University for African philosophers.