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Why should you donate to scientific research?
The government is an important financer of scientific research, but unfortunately its funding is not enough. Contributions from individuals and businesses are a valuable addition to the resources for fundamental or applied research. Such research is often into a subject that is close to the donor’s heart as a result of personal experiences or our of a fascination with the topic.

What is the role of the Leiden University Fund?
The goal of the Leiden University Fund is to support the teaching and research at Leiden University. In order to make this possible, the foundation raises funds. The amounts raised through this crowdfunding platform will be paid in full to the research and teaching projects in question, once the platform and payment fees have been deducted.

Transaction costs
Payment provider Mollie B.V. handles the transactions made through this website. Kentaa (platform) and Mollie B.V. charge costs for transactions.The Leiden University Fund and Kentaa are not liable for the services of Mollie B.V.. In case of a donation, someone may contribute to the transaction costs. The exact transaction costs depend on the payment method.

What are the fiscal advantages of my donation?
The Leiden University Fund has been designated by the Dutch taxing authority (Belastingdienst) as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO/ANBI). As a result, the following fiscal advantages apply:

  • a PBO/ANBI is not required to pay taxes on gifts and inheritances that it receives in the context of public interest;
  • payments that a PBO/ANBI makes (including to projects) in the public interest are exempt from gift tax;
  • if a Dutch institution is acknowledged by the taxing authority as a PBO/ANBI, a donor can deduct gifts from Dutch income or corporation tax within the applicable rules (please see the website of the taxing authority).

For more information on tax issues, please contact +31 555 385 385 or see

The University has plenty of money, hasn’t it?
The funding that the University receives from the government is intended for specific teaching duties and selected research projects. The University has to seek other forms of funding for many projects – primarily in the field of research.

What happens if the target amount for a project is not raised?
We will then seek additional funds. Those who donated via the crowdfunding website will be kept informed.


For further information please send an email to Lilian Visscher, Director of Alumni Relations & Fundraising,