Crowdfunding Maolin’s parents closed, we have surpassed our crowdfunding goal, thanks to our donors.

06 August 2019 14:07

Again, thank you so much for your support. We have surpassed our goal by an amazing 164%. It has been heartwarming to see that over 2,100 people were touched by Maolin’s story and have been willing to help make possible what Maolin would have done: establishing a secure future for his parents. The support and management of a special fund has now been formalized and we will be closing the crowdfunding campaign.

Pension provision
Together, we have succeeded in securing a financially stable future for Mr. and Mrs. Zhang in their hometown in the countryside near Yangtang Village in China. In total we raised € 73,866. After obtaining expert financial advice and in consultation with the family, we have created a special fund from which the family will be supported over a long period of time. In this way we will assure them of at least 10 years of stable financial support.

Maolin in our memories
We, his Leiden friends and colleagues, said goodbye to Maolin during a moving ceremony held at the University’s historical Academy Building that ended with a memorial walk to the Old Observatory. Part of Maolin’s ashes were buried at the Rhijnhof cemetery in Leiden, just 1.5 km from the Leiden Observatory. The other half was brought to China by his father. In the presence of Maolin’s family and loved ones, he buried them on a hill on their family’s land. By dividing his ashes over these two places, Maolin will always stay close to the ones and the things he loved.

Cause of the fire
The police investigation into the fatal fire of 17 January in Maolin’s home in Hillegom is still on-going. More information can be found on the police website (in Dutch).


Once again, thank you for your kindness,

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The crowdfunding team for ‘Support Maolin’s Parents’