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Make a difference in the college experience of current and future LUC students!

Leiden University College is characterized by a strong community of staff and students. Our alumni strongly appreciate the experience they had at LUC and value the foundation LUC gave them for their future academic and professional careers. Graduation is the perfect occasion to celebrate this and give back to the college community. It is also the perfect start for alumni to stay engaged and involved. 

Graduation Gift
Each graduating class chooses a fundraising goal. This can be anything and of any size, as long as it contributes to the generations of students to come. In this way, alumni can give others the chances they had themselves, and stay involved with our community. 

You can find the activities of LUC’s graduating classes on this page under 'fundraisers'. Each class can make their own fundraiser. The graduating class invites their family and friends to make a one-off donation via their own action page. The results of the fundraiser will be celebrated during the Graduation ceremony. 

If you want to become a sponsor of LUC with an annual or monthly donation, please donate via the LUC Fund.

The LUC Fund supports the Leiden University College The Hague (LUC) programme and community. 

LUC provides excellent research-led interdisciplinary teaching on global challenges, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become socially responsible and engaged global citizens. This is more important now than ever before.

We believe that all talented students - regardless of their financial background - should have access to the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at LUC. Inclusion of students with a large variety of backgrounds and experiences in our community lies at the heart of our LAS approach and ambitions. The LUC Fund provides need-based financial support to students facing financial hardship, to ensure that they can fully concentrate on their studies and participate in all activities without stress about their finances. More information on the Financial Support program can be found here.

To fully realize this ambition, we depend on your support.

If you want to contribute to our goals with an annual (tax-deductible) donation please visit this page