We can help more students!

09 March 2023 12:41

Dear friends,

While the energy solidarity fund has reached almost 7000 Euro or 87% of its original goal, there is more good news to share! In various efforts from the student community, another 6350 Euro can be added to the fund. Many thanks are due to LUC's study association Fortuna and to all students. The amount will be added to the webpage shortly. 

With these funds, we can not only help the 29 LUC Financial Support recipients that this crowdfunding action was set up for, but also an additional 19 students that were identified as being in financial need during the course of this crowdfunding action. We are now reaching out to them to make sure the support reaches them as soon as possible. 

This crowdfunding page will stay active for another month until the start of Block 4. Any funds raised beyond the Energy Solidarity project will go into the LUC Fund and be used for the Financial Support program. 

As crowdfunding team we are extremely proud of how the community came together for this cause, and we are very grateful to all our donors. We have seen students and staff contribute, and also friends of LUC and even people we did not know before. We have seen larger and smaller contributions and all are equally welcome. Thank you for your generosity and your care

The LUC Energy Solidarity Crowdfunding team.