Lieke's Gift: Global Citizens Travel Fund


Leiden University College (LUC), a place where students from all backgrounds, from all over the world, can learn and grow together; a community whose members confidently go out into the world to make a difference. This is what is and has always been at the heart of Lieke Schreel’s vision for LUC, from the very first start in 2009 until today. On 16 April 2021, Lieke Schreel – Educational Director of LUC – will leave the college after twelve monumental years.  

Our program offers a set of unique Global Citizenship courses, connecting knowledge with the real world and contributing to society. These courses take students out into the world to experience and learn from different contexts. There are field courses abroad in countries as, Austria, Germany and Kenya. And there are courses that include study trips to locations in Belgium, Germany and the NetherlandsIt is Lieke's dream that all our students, regardless of their financial situation or background, can take part in such enriching courses. 

As a gift from the LUC community to Lieke on the occasion of her departure from LUC, and in honor of everything Lieke has contributed to making LUC the college it is today, the Global Citizens Travel Fund has been established. Donations to the Travel Fund will be used to help students pay for the extra costs of participation in any of LUC’s off-campus courses or activities in the context of a Global Citizenship course.  

LUC and Lieke have decided to make a first donation to the Travel Fund of € 5000. This way we aim to support all students to engage in the Global Citizenship courses. We invite all colleagues, students, alumni, and friends of Lieke to consider, as a farewell gift, to donate to the Global Citizens Travel Fund and leave a personal message for LiekeTogether we can make Lieke’s dream come true! 


- Jaap de Hoop Scheffer - LUC Distinguished Fellow

"Regrettably the world does not organize itself; it needs true and young global citizens who are ready to invest in a planet where justice and equality prevail. For this they need theoretical skills combined with knowledge and experience of the often harsh and complicated practice. The LUC Global Citizenship Programme prepares students for the world after Academia and contributes to the students’ “never give up” approach I have experienced as a lecturer at LUC. Your financial contribution to the Travel Fund is essential to give each and every LUC student the possibility to further develop the skills necessary to make the difference in a still very much imperfect world."