Donate to Give Students a Chance: why colleagues support this action

22 September 2015 14:22

“I donated because I think that every little bit helps, to give students from Afghanistan the opportunity to come and study here.  The invitation to follow courses in crucial subjects  in medicine at Leiden University will work, I am convinced of that, as a game changer for these students. So that they can become change makers in their country.

We can never really understand, in my estimation, how enormously valuable this will be for them. Everybody in our rich country reading this, should be able to afford giving at least ten euros for this wonderful anniversary project!”



“I am a Leiden alumnus. During the years I studied Political Science I learnt that especially meeting students from all over the world stimulated me to renew my views and adjust my opinions. And as a marketer for this university I tell future students that Leiden educates students in freedom of thought, so that today’s world will get the critical thinkers it needs.

If I can personally help other students like Arzo, by donating to ‘Give Students a Chance’, to gain new insights into their Medicine studies in Afghanistan, I am happy to chip in!”