To give you an extra impression of the new Common Room

16 September 2016 15:48

Our crowdfunding campaign has started well, within two weeks’ time we already reached 30% of our goal. We are happy to see that so many people see the importance of a well-equipped common room, and therefore are willing to support us.

In the new Common Room, we would like to create a balance between science and relaxation, with two new coffee machines, a lether sofa, a larger table, small discussion tables and a blackboard wall, while we will keep the unique cozy atmosphere of the Lorentz Center. A well-equipped room will add to good conversations.

We hope the new common room will make you feel at home as the old one did. Check out our moodboard for an impression!

If you would like to contribute too, please go to and know that your support is greatly appreciated by all visitors and staff of the Lorentz Center.