Hedy: unique programming language for kids


Hedy is a programming language for kids. Languages for adult are sometime just too challenging for young children; by working in a gradual way, Hedy makes programming easier and more fun!

What is Hedy?
Hedy is a progamming language for children (aged 10 and up) that want to learn programming. To learn programming you need to learn a lot of programming commands. Just like with leaarning to read, you need a lot of practice to memorize the right rules. Hedy makes practicing easier, because Hedy is a gradual language. That means you do not have to learn all commands from the beginning. First you learn a few, and then gradually more complex commands are added. Just like in language teaching, sentences increase in complexity over time.

Want to know more?
In this video, dr. Felienne Hermans, creator of Hedy, explains its design.

Can't wait to get started? Try Hedy yourself!

Please contribute!
Do you think it's important that all kids around the world can learn programming for free? Or have you already used Hedy in class and want to give back? Then we'd love to get a donation from you. If you donate you will get a nice Hedy goodie: a sticker or a mug or even a Hedy workshop!