Help us Build Knowledge for a more Mindful World!


Vision: A MOOC for everyone.

In the spirit of the Mindfulness community, we wish to continue to offer this course for free to all who might benefit from it, with a nominal fee for a formal certificate for students seeking a qualification.

Goals: Helping you take the next step in Mindfulness.

We hope to develop an open-source, free e-book to enrich the learning experience, and we seek to support the various projects that participants create in the honours stream. We would also like to offer extra material to support your experiential practice, addressing questions you might have about your experiences and learning.

Research: Building Knowledge for a more Mindful World.

The data from this course will help support primary research in this very important and timely field, leading to publications and interventions into the scholarly and societal debates in this area. You can help us reach all of these goals by donating to this project.

Ethos: Compassion and Education.

Although Mindfulness is not necessarily a Buddhist technology, this fundraising endeavour is envisioned in the spirit of the Buddhist tradition of dana, or giving, which is closely linked with the personal quality of caga, or generosity.  The idea is that true teaching is priceless and thus should be offered freely; learners or patrons might then seek to acknowledge the personal value of the teachings (for them) through donation.  Hence, we ask only that you give in accordance with your heart.

Tanja de Bie