End of the lustrum year

01 July 2023 16:03

Dear donors,

With the end of June, our wonderful anniversary year has also come to a close. We reflect on a magnificent celebration on April 25th, where, among others, Councilwoman Fleur Spijker graced us with her presence to congratulate us. In June, we concluded the festive year with a fantastic alumni day and beach barbecue.

Thanks to your generous contributions, we have achieved remarkable things. Last year, we participated in the Museum Night, captivating various groups with the beauty of Fibonacci patterns in mathematics. Additionally, in March, we successfully organized a captivating science afternoon for a total of 60 children. None of this would have been possible without the support of our donors, and we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

While we did not reach our fundraising goal, the remaining amount needed was generously provided by the study association De Leidsche Flesch. We are immensely grateful to them for their support.

However, there is one goal we were unable to accomplish: the creation of a mural formula depicting the capacitor. The plans and concept design are ready, but the intended wall must first undergo restoration, which is taking longer than anticipated. Unfortunately, we do not have an estimate of when the mural formula will be painted.

Lastly, we would like to express our special thanks to two individuals whose assistance was instrumental in the success of this crowdfunding campaign and, in particular, the science afternoon. Annette Heijn and Corinda van Bohemen, thank you sincerely for all your help and collaboration over the past years!

The donation page will remain open for two more weeks before it closes. From Monday, July 17th, it will no longer be possible to make donations.

Once again, on behalf of our entire team, we want to express our profound gratitude for your support and contributions to our anniversary year. We are truly appreciative of your involvement and trust.

Warm regards from the Lustrum committee