Support Leiden University

Donating to scientific research is an ideal way of stimulating research in particular fields. As the university is able to finance only a part of all research, however promising it may be, your contribution creates the possibility for more research to be carried out. With your contribution you support research that you yourself believe to be important. You can, for instance, decide to give priority to a specific research theme, about which you would like to be kept personally informed.

Besides research, teaching is the other core task of the university. However, basic funding for teaching is not sufficient to finance everything that the university would like to offer. We would for example like to support students who are in (financial) difficulties, and offer scholarships for excellent students. The university also owns a number of special heritage collections. Collections that have enormous value for society, education and research - now and in the future.

If the projects that are presented are of interest to you, you can support these by making a financial contribution. By for example supporting restoration and conservation projects you can help us pass this academic heritage on to future generations.

The Leiden University Fund was established to support the university in its ambitions. Leiden University Fund has been acknowledged as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO/ANBI) meaning it does not pay Dutch gift tax and inheritance tax. This means that after deduction of the costs for the platform and payment transactions, your donation will be paid out in full for the purpose for which you give. Such contributions can be tax deductible for the donor.