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Help create a bonus module for the Miracles of Human Language MOOC

Help us to create new modules for the MOOC Miracles of Human Language! 

More than 40.000 people from all over the world have participated in the MOOC The Miracles of Human Language between March 30 and May 11th. In this MOOC, you shared a learning experience about the wonders of human language. In the five modules so far, we looked at some of the fundamentals of human language, but there are still many things to be explored! A lot of you asked for more study material, so we came up with the idea to start a crowdfunding campaign for bonus modules about human language. 

Think about all the extra things you can learn; What can we learn about language by looking into the brain? What happens if a language dies and can we do anything about it? How can we reconstruct the languages of the past? How did language evolve in human beings and why? How can linguistics be applied in criminal investigations, in computer science, and in the class room?

Are you already excited? In this year (2015) we plan to run this popular course again. We would like to enrich this MOOC with a bonus module, especially for all of you who are interested in this Academic field. We need your help to achieve this goal, because producing new material is costly. To make one bonus module we need € 10.000. We are grateful for any amount that you can spare. However, we can offer you another module for every €10.000 in addition to the original amount. How wonderful would it be if we could offer you a whole new MOOC about human language!

You might wonder what happens if we do not reach the amount to produce a whole new module. Of course, we will allocate the donations to the further development of the course, regardless of the amount. How much extra material we can offer depends on the amount this campaign will raise.  

So, would you like to learn a lot more about human languages? Please consider making a gift to the Miracles of Human Language project. And remember: the contributions of the few can enable the free education of the many!


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  • Fátima Elizondo R.

    02.07.2015 06:49

    I'm excited for the opportunity to supporting those who have taught us so much and so well, and for an extra module on the brain?! Hell yeah!

  • David Mooney

    30.06.2015 17:27

    Just a small token to thank Professor Marc van Oostendorp, Inge and Marten, and all the team behind Miracles of Human Language--a highly enjoyable and rewarding course course. Please keep up the great work you are all doing!

  • Anna Kryvous

    30.06.2015 10:13

    I'm a late bird but wish to make my small contribution for the knowledge and information that Professor Marc van Oostendorp and his SuperTeam have graciously given me! Hope to see more of you :)

  • Víctor Manuel González

    28.06.2015 17:36

    Ik heb de MOOC zeer leuk gevonden.

  • Neal J. King

    28.06.2015 16:35

    I want to extend the course, to make it even better!

  • Marjan Elzer

    27.06.2015 22:49

    Taal lijkt vanzelfsprekend maar is het niet. Ik steun dit project omdat a. er nog zoveel niet bekend is over taal en communicatie en b. het nodig is om het fascinerende fenomeen taal onder de aandacht te brengen.

  • Christopher Hastings

    27.06.2015 20:55

    I only wish I could have contributed more. Y'all have done a great job with this course!

  • Elizabeth Baker

    27.06.2015 17:51

    You go, Marc, Inge and Marten and all the Coursera staff! Your engaging enthusiasm, friendliness, humor and competence made my first MOOC a delightful experience -- I'm eager for more. Thanks to you and all the other participants, speakers, interviewees and to Universiteit Leiden as well. I hope may others around the world can enjoy this course for free.

  • Boudewijn Meijnen

    27.06.2015 11:21

    Omdat het een leerzame cursus is en met aardige mensen.

  • Tadeusz Mollin

    27.06.2015 10:57

    This course opened the world of linguistics to me. And I want more.

  • Ruby Liao

    27.06.2015 02:59

    The MOOC was really impressive and I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for all the endeavor from the team of miracles and human language, I'm looking forward to see a new module asap!

  • Kathryn Piskura

    27.06.2015 00:02

    I really enjoyed the first module and was sad to see it end!

  • Jaap Acohen

    26.06.2015 19:22

    I enjoyed this MOOC very much and I appreciate the professionalism of the course. Linguistics opens a new window to see the world.

  • viviane schwäger

    26.06.2015 18:52

    i loved the mooc so much i don't want it to end! and hopefully more and more people will be able to enjoy it as well.

  • Linda Mahoney

    26.06.2015 18:22

    Many thanks to Prof. van Oostendorp, Inge, Marten, and all the MoHL team for creating such a fascinating, relevant (and free!) course. I found the lectures on politeness theory, semantic and pragmatic meaning, and Grice's Maxims particularly interesting. As well, I enjoyed hearing the speakers of all the different languages and hope that a course like this helps promote the value of maintaining laguage diversity in the world. Great job, everyone! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  • Vivien Hertogh

    26.06.2015 18:17

    Omdat ik taal fascinerend vind! Wij spreken thuis drie talen, mijn (Braziliaanse) man Portugees met de kinderen, ik Nederlands en mijn man en ik Engels.

  • Maria do Carmo Sousa Lobo

    26.06.2015 16:30

    Since I really liked following the course I think I should help other people to have the same opportunity. Thank you!

  • David Walker

    26.06.2015 16:26

    Professor van Oostendorp's enthusiasm and knowledge made this course a delight to watch. Not only would I like to see additional modules, I would really like to see some graduate level course offerings, particularly in semantics.

  • Alexander Rukhlin

    26.06.2015 15:55

    It was the best MOOC I've followed.

  • Torsten Schlabach

    26.06.2015 14:48

    I liked the course and I especially like the idea to combine crowdfunding with MOOCs. I could imaging other subjects as well where people could donate to get a subject covered.

  • Maureen Pesch

    22.06.2015 10:26

    I think there must be a second Miracles of Human Language for many, many reasons. One of the reasons is that I really like Professor Marc! He knows a lot, he teaches and inspires us, he is very funny and so cute!!

  • Pierre Gorissen

    21.06.2015 19:56

    Eerlijk is eerlijk, ik kende de MOOC nog niet totdat ik het verzoek om bijdrage zag. Ik vind het als concept heel sympathiek en wil daarom graag zien dat het werkt. Daarom een bijdrage.

    To be honest, I have not yet followed the MOOC, but I believe in free MOOCs and would like to see the crowdfunding effort succeed. For that I contributed my donation.

  • Jet Quadekker

    21.06.2015 09:37

    Uit sympathie.

  • Katerina Fimbingerova

    18.06.2015 23:18

    Big thanks to Professor van Oostendorp and his team. This MOOC is wonderful! I liked it very much. Hope to see you again.

  • Lynn Syrett

    17.06.2015 18:35

    This course brought linguistics to life, and the enthusiasm of all the staff was really motivating!

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